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Welcome to Oftring Investment Group.

Oftring Investment Group is an independent “boutique” investment firm providing strategic investment planning and wealth management to individuals, families, businesses and other entities. Our clients benefit from specialized portfolio management tailored to their individual objectives and needs. We design customized investment plans as our clients invest throughout various stages of wealth. We screen a variety of investments in order to offer clients unique strategies that help foster results. Through Oftring Investment Group’s strategic investment planning process, the goal is provide clients with lasting retirement income.


Our Services

Oftring Investment Group’s main area of focus for individuals and families is to provide Strategic Investment Management for Retirement Income.

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Our Approach

Our approach to managing client portfolios has evolved over the past 3 decades. A properly diversified portfolio is the key to our concept of successful investing.

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Becoming a Client

OIG employs a customized approach when constructing each clients invesment portfolio.

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