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Frank A. Oftring founded Oftring & Company, Inc. in 1962.  A small, regional Broker-Dealer based in Worcester, MA, Oftring & Company thrived in the 60’s and 70’s when locally based brokerage firms were commonplace.  Daughter Ruth Ann Oftring and son Robert Oftring joined the firm just about the time of Frank’s passing in 1982.  Ruth Ann took over the brokerage operations of the firm while Robert managed the team of Oftring & Company Brokers and handled the financial and regulatory reporting.  Ruth Ann and Robert have provided the firm’s clientele with investment guidance for decades; throughout difficult investment periods such as the market crash of 1987, the invasion of Iraq in 1991, the technology stock bubble of 2001 – 2003 as well as the recent financial industry collapse in 2008-2009.  Oftring & Company was sold to another regional Broker-Dealer in 2004.  In May, 2009 Ruth Ann and Robert formed Oftring Investment Group with a commitment to client portfolio management, focusing on strategic investment planning and wealth management for individual and business clients.